Monday, January 28, 2008


advice i came up with my senior year about college


dennis wah made me open to any of you younger kids.

here's some of the advice i can give to those entering college, or still undecided on what they want to do.

a) if you're not sure about becoming a doctor, don't become one. increase the propensity not to become a doctor by about 40% if you're asian. some asshole when i was trying to dissuade someone who "wasn't sure", was like, no you should try it, and see if it fits, take the pre-med classes in case, but the answer is obviously no. if you're not sure, no. ok, maybe you can burn a semester taking a class or so, but if you think orgo is hard in the slightest, drop the idea. it just wasn't meant to be. orgo is a joke, and should be a joke if you are seriously considering med school, compared to what you will have to deal with in med school. note that i'm not saying i'm an orgo master, as chronicled in a previous xanga entry, about my failed all nighters, and such.

a big part of this also is the time, money, and effort it takes to become a doctor. it takes a lot of all these. 4 years more of schooling, 4 more of residency, 2 more of around a quarter million in loans to pay or more by the end of it all. bobby said one of his aunt's recently paid off her med school bills...when she was 40.

bottom line is, you should RESEARCH the profession of being a doctor before going into it. if you still love it, enjoy it, like the idea, then BY ALL MEANS, go for it. but if you don't, DON'T.

b) never start a relationship in freshman year of college. it's generally a -EV play. here's why:
i) kills start of your social life
ii) if you break up, you have to deal with that person, for three more years around the same people...everyday.
iii) generally, freshman are college newbs, and have the equivalent mindset of a high schooler, no real sense of direction and a lot of insecurity. not good mixes for stability.

c) don't get sucked in the poker craze on campus. it's not worth it. trust me. live poker is just not worth your time, especially if you're starting playing for crap stakes, there are plenty of online markets to feed off of to make money. the time wasted is -EV for sure.

d) go to all your classes. this will increase your average grade by about .3 grade points. it increased mine by about .5. this is the SINGLE most important step in getting good grades.

e) buy books online. you'll save money.

f) call/im/talk to friends to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner. even if they live in edens.

g) if you can, find a very close friend at college. this'll def be the most +EV
thing you can do.

anyway, that's all i can think of for now. for the interactive bit, ask me questions, and i'll try to answer them.

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