Monday, January 28, 2008

Dare to be different


"you have the look of a man who believes what he sees because he expects to wake up at any moment. ironically, this is not far from the truth."

sometimes you just stare at the sky and i've told greg guglielmo everyday in high school, "another day, another death"

sometimes my mom worries when i act funny. she told me that though ppl think you're funny, they'll always look at you like the clown and won't take you seriously. i guess i sort of get that, but sometimes i just have to look at the world and laugh. everyone's always striving to be cooler and better, living their life through a rat race, how could you not laugh at it? the funniest part of it all is that you're part of the joke yourself, just another jokester pretending to be above it all.

which is why i go out of my way to make life fight against the uptightness that i see in so many people...dare to be different i suppose. maybe i go too far sometimes, as gary would try to calm my actions down in the marketplace last year. not quite as embarassing as that asian dude on american idol today though...who by the way was a disgrace to the asian race. he should hang his head in shame with all the other shameful asians, ahem rick yune ahem.

i just feel the need for life to be different, unfilled with monotony, but i guess some will just see me as the funny man, the guy they see as entertainment. it reminds me of the scene in the boondock saints where the "funnyman" gets set up because he was seen as insignificant, and where he goes berserk, shoots two guys and shoots the bar tender saying, "you think this is funny? FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY!"

moral of the story. don't mess with the funnyman. look at the xanga pic in fear. you probably laughed at that too didn't you. haha i did.

anyhow, words of my sister ring into my head, "there are things you might be spending your time stressing about. but then you realize, ah crap, i gotta get those A's."

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