Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 2 - World Series of Poker Chronicles

Day 2

it's almost weird to be back, it's been 4 days since i last played. round 2 i guess, as i gear up for war in the pokerstars jersey that i got. it's pretty goofy looking, and jason's got his own customized strassa2 jersey on. i'm jealous.

i'm pretty antsy, as it's the second day and get up pretty early. i check online for random stuff, as jason rolls out of bed around 11:15 am. we hurry on over, unshaven, unkempt. we've left his house that stars was sponsoring, and now we were in the palms. being as that i forgot to do laundry before leaving the house, i had to start wearing my dirty clothes again. palms laundry was [censored] expensive.

anyway, i get seated on a decent table that i'm taking control of. espn cameras are all over the table because the youngest female player ever to make day 2 was seated with me. pretty retarded shtick to get famous, imo. she was wearing a full tilt hat and had a nice rack, but she had a butt chin that really didn't do it for me. anyhow, her style of play was relatively loose, and bad. from time to time she would all in in a multiway pot, when the pot was like just blinds, making it like 20x pot bets when she'd move in. good job? i was just WAITING to pounce.

anyway some hands...

level 250/500 ante 50
pretty uneventful at first, a big hand i had early was when UTG+1 raised to 1500, another person called, and i made it 6000 with KK, UTG+1 folds, and the caller calls the raise.
Flop J92. caller moves in for 14.5k, i call. he shows 33, and my hand holds up. ty, come again. seriously the level of bad play in this tournament is ridiculous.

level 300/600 ante 75
UTG makes it 2000, I make it 6000 with AKo, UTG calls.
Flop 722, UTG bets 4000, i think for a bit, then i call.
Turn K, check, check.
River 7, UTG bets 5000, i call. he shows AT...too easy man, too easy.

after a few more rounds of boring, yet profitable, poker, i get moved to layne flack's table...again. great. fortunately he's to my right so the situation isn't too bad.

level 400/800 ante 100
flack limps, and i make it 3200 with AKo. flack calls.
Flop JQ9 two spades. he checks, i check.
Turn 9. flack bets 5000, i call.
River 3 of spades. flack bets 8500, i fold. bleck.

we chat it up a bit, shooting the [censored], he comments on an unsucessful 7 high bluff i try, "nothing i haven't done before." whoops.

a few hours later, the table breaks. whew, no more layne. where am i going hm....ah table's a long ways away, i wonder who's there. great.

Phil Ivey.

the worst seat in the tournament...well yeah. suffice it to say i just get owned by him.

anyway couple of non ivey hands...

500/1000 ante 100
UTG+1 limps, i complete in the SB with 99, ivey checks. damn was planning to limp raise him since he was short.

flop T86. i check, ivey checks, UTG+1 moves in for 15k, i call, ivey folds.
guy flips over AT...whoops
turn 7. oops.
river T. ah well i'd rather be lucky than good.

biggest hand of my tournament
i have 88 in the UTG and limp. a loose guy makes it 4000 to go, BB calls, i pop it up to 20k straight. loose guy folds, BB tanks. i think to myself, oh great, wtf did i get myself into here...and he finally asks me, if i fold do you show? i agreed, since i wanted him to fold asap, probably not the most expert play, and he folded...
Kings. face up. WTF IS GOING ON. he gets sick when i show him my i can't believe i got kings to fold preflop. apparently jason's wrong about my nitty strategy being bad...harrington style baby HARRINGTON STYLE.

i end the day at 95.2k, ready for more battle on day 3.

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