Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 3 - World Series of Poker Chronicles

Day 3

i'm not going to lie. going into this day, i had the jitters. maybe it was the air conditioning of the palms, maybe it was from wearing the dirty clothing for the past two weeks, but i was nervous. around 1100 ppl left, and top 870 paid, 14k was a lot of money for me, as my bankroll was only 30k at this time.

but should i fold my way into 14.6k? or risk my stack for more?

screw 14.6k, i'm going for the bracelet.

jason was feeling a bit sick too, coming down with a cough. it didn't really seem to matter for him, as he had a healthy chip stack going into day 3. he was steamrolling his table and just owning people left and right. the day before, we met with craig cunningham, and jason did a little interview for him. i chipped in my 2 cents from time to time, as i was the unknown of the two, talking about the duke game as background, and how i severely owned jason when he was a freshman in a .25/.50 NL game.

i woke up earlier than i needed too again, around 10:00. checking 2p2 posts and pokerpages furiously, i found that i had an aggressive and reportedly assholish player, theo tran, two to my left on my first table. if anything, i didn't want to lose to him.

i wake jason up, as he again groggily gets out of bed. it's showtime baby.

go into the day playing pretty aggressive, stealing blinds and such. fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, theo tangles with other players early and gets banged up a bit.

600/1200 ante 200
one hand i open for 3600 with 96h on the button. sb makes it 5000 more and it's back to me. i think about it for a second, look at his stack, which is about 25k deep, and then fold. theo tran remarks, "dude you don't have to hollywood when you blind steal just fold and move on with the hand."

i said politely, but sternly, "uh, don't tell me how to play my game, buddy."

no real hands between me and theo, but he eventually busts with AQ vs AK aipf, so i think to myself, gg no re.

800/1600 ante 200
i've been playing pretty aggressively, and people haven't really been playing back at me. a woman goes so far as to say, he's raising all my blinds! hey hey wah? so what do i do when i catch some aces?

i open for 4800 with AA in LP. the woman who complains, calls in the BB. i'm thinking to myself, breaking time.

Flop T96 two hearts. woman moves in for 20k, i call. she shows JT, and my hand holds up. sweet juicy justice.

the table has been going ok, i'm chipping up, soon i'm up to 210k chips, when the sickest hand of my tournament happens.

blind 1200/2400 ante 300
in MP, i make it 7000 to go with KK, guy makes it 32000 in the SB who has me covered, i just call.
flop comes down J74. guy bets 40k, i push for 130k more, he insta-calls. i have a sick feeling in my stomach as i have that matt damon moment. i know before the cards are turned over. jacks.

turn comes a paint card. king? no...queen. great. i just put my head down and look at my stack. well, guys it's been fun. 25k isn't so bad.

the river card hits, and someone gasps and says oh man. i'm like...what?! i look at the board.
King of clubs.

wow. i just sucked out for a 440k pot. sweet juicy injustice. i could hardly contain my excitement, as i yelled yes three times and pumped the air. probably caught on tape from espn...pretty embarassing. it takes me a full 5 minutes to stack my chip stack. jason looks across from another table and shakes his head in disgust, pretending not to know who i am.

other than that sick hand, the bubble bursts, and we're in the money. i play it cool, high roller style, not clapping when they announce it, prepared to take down some more chips.

no more real significant hands happen, but i chip down to 370k on some medium sized pots. oh well...still a pretty sick 3rd day. i'm feeling great, and ready for day 4.

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