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Day 4 - World Series of Poker Chronicles

Day 4

coming off the first consecutive day of play, and excited from the night before, i'm ready for action again for day 4 of the wsop. jason's been getting craploads of calls and he's already put 12m in his spreadsheet in the win column of the main event (disregarding of course the various pieces of himself he had sold out).

this is the first day i wake up and say to myself, wow [censored] is sick. this whole experience is sick. i'm alive in the tournament, and not only that, i'm doing well. got lucky just when i needed to, and just about everything is going right. i mean granted, i don't have the monster stack that jason has, but i'm chugging along ok. it's a weird feeling of invincibility, but at the same time knowing that at any moment, the cable could be cut with destruction soon to follow.

i get to the table and don't really notice anyone special. good i think to myself, except there are a couple of big stacks to my left. could be some trouble, hopefully i'll figure it out.

as i feel the table out, i play a bit more aggressively, taking down blinds, and lagging it up. however, a guy on my left wearing a full contact poker hat with a big stack, kept calling and putting pressure on me. he kept putting his whole face in his shirt phil laak style whenever he was in a hand. here's a hand that i played relatively meh against him.

blinds 2000/4000 ante 500
i raise to 12000 in the LP with 35o, he calls.

flop 24K. i think, then check. he checks behind.
turn K. i think, then check again. he checks behind.
river T. i think, then bet 30k. he calls, with A6o.

at this point i know that this guy is definitely going to give me trouble, and i'm going to have to get extra special tricky with him.

after the hand, at one point, i'm just doing a routine open late with JTo, and this guy goes all in on me, and says, come on let's gamble! i fold, obviously, and he shows me AKo. i get kind of pissed off, and go oh yeah, you're really gambling there, sir in the most sarcastic voice i can and furiously muck my hand. i can't wait to OWN this mofo i thought to myself.

at this point, our table gets a fill. it's none other than the slowrolling humberto brenes at my table. i thought to myself that losing to the shark card protector would probably be a very bad experience. humberto seemed to be playing really tight, it was just that other people seemed to want to give him money for some reason and went all in when he had aces or kings. he would always make a big deal when he raised, but i generally stayed out of his way. soon after, david chiu appeared right near me as well, two to my right. he arrived with a good amount of a stack. i tried to remember anything about his play i just kept remembering foxwoodfiend's remark that he was the nicest guy alive instead. thanks ariel.

during a break, i talk to my friend huskiez. at this point i'm kind of dejected, after getting sick value betted by chiu and having only around 40 bb or so, and i'm kind of worried that this might be it. he tells me, rightly so, to stfu, and get my head in the game, and that nothing is [censored] over. i take heed, and go back and play.

at some point after we take a break. i call up jason, who tells me about a huge beat where he loses AA to AK. i meet him outside the poker kitchen, and he's sitting outside on the rampish area. he's visibly shaken, i don't know what to say. i've never seen him this pissed off at a bad beat, and i don't blame him. if i were him, you'd have probably witnessed the first homicide at the wsop. he tried to lighten up, remarking that how yesterday he got more text messages than ever in his life, and how today, no one is even thinking about calling him after what happened. i couldn't even utter anything encouraging, even though he still had chips and was moderately healthy, i just felt the injustice that happened.

anyway, remembering that i still gotta play my game, and huskiez words of stfu and play encouragement, i go back to battle. a few hands into the level, this hand happens between me and chiu.

3000/6000 ante 1000

chiu opens for 18k in the CO, so i call with AJ in the SB, another call in the BB.

flop comes down AAQ two hearts. sweet juicy justice i think to myself. i check, BB checks, chiu bets out 30k, i push for another 165k or so, chiu thinks and calls.

he tables AT, and i show my AJ. i cross my fingers, and two bricks pop off giving me a big comeback pot. sweet. pep talks do work.

of course, being the idiot i am, get a bit cocky with the new found chips, and open in the CO with 23o. fcp guy calls, and BB calls. guess i'm going to have to get lucky...

flop 3A3. bingo bongo bango!
i bet 40k, fcp boy calls.

turn 3. hmmm, that's an interesting card.
i bet 100k, fcp boy calls.

river Q.
hmmm, what to do here i thought to myself. could zeebo's theorem really be infallible here? can i safely push all in? what's the move here? he knows that i know that he at least has an ace, so how would he interpret a push? i think for a bit, then i decide that check, check would be the worst disaster in history and probably put me on tilt, so i push.

fcp guy goes into the tank. he comes out of his protective shell, and starts asking me if i really have aces. i'm just PRAYING that he thinks i'm trying to avoid a chop with an ace, just PRAYING, but not knowing what's going on here. he debates about AA, QQ, maybe even a 3. problem is, i did play it exactly like a 3, or a monster bluff. finally, he remarks that he's folding an ace and folds. doesn't show the ace tho, so i can't be sure, and i just muck my hand. info doesn't come free, bro.

an interesting hand develops between brenes and chiu later on. finally chiu goes all in pf, and brenes calls over the espn cameras. it's quite obvious what humberto has, and chiu tells the cameras not to come. brenes calls and shows AA, and chiu shows AKo. i tell chiu that i'm rooting for him after the slowroll, and i predict that he's going to get a flush FTW.

sure enough, a club flush comes for his Kc, giving chiu the win. humberto doesn't look that upset tho, he's all cheery, as he takes another guy down with the very next hand, having KK, again calling the tv crew over. guy gets eliminated, and that's all folks.

4000/8000 1000 ante
a little while later, humberto opens relatively early for 27k. i call with 55 in the CO, and SB calls.

flop T65. checks to me, i think, then fire out 70k. SB calls, and brenes goes, no respect! i laugh to myself, but not out loud.

turn 2c brick. SB checks, and i start doing a bit of work here. i calculate his stack to be around 350-400 deep, so i fire out 150k. SB thinks, then moves in for 195k more. i call and he tables jacks.

river bricks off, and i win a big pot right before break. whew. the COMEBACK kid.

as i'm stacking up my chips jason comes by and tells me he's just been eliminated. bleck. he wishes me good luck, and i tell him i'll call him later.

pretty soon, we all get bumped up to the feature table. the felt kind of sucks, since i've got a crapload of 5k chips, i can't stack them in stacks of 40, so i have to get colored up. but it's pretty fun, getting wired for sound and all that, and thinking i'm going to be on tv.

of course dmitri nobles, the crazy loose pokerstars qualifier on a sick run of cards, is at my table, and two to my left. whoopdee frickin doo.

moderately good hand for me happens early...
blinds 5k/10k 1000 ante
folds to the SB, who completes, i check with 63d.

flop A62. SB bets 20k, i call.

turn 6. SB checks, i bet 40k, he calls.

river 5. SB checks, i think for a bit, then bet 80k. he calls. shows me an ace and then mucks when i show my 6, and berates himself for not raising pf.

so when you're on tv you think you do stupid [censored]. like this hand.

i pick up AQo on the button, and it's nobles, bb. being the idiot that i am, i open limp on the button, sb folds, nobles checks.

flop comes down 9J6 two clubs. nobles checks, i check, i have no club.

turn comes an 8c. nobles bets 10k, i call.

river comes an offsuit ace. nobles bets 50k, i think for a bit, then call. he shows A8. yep, misplayed on every street, [censored].

action ends soon after this hand, and i'm thinking great to myself, time to clear up and refocus for tomorrow. and that's how it was, 135 left for day 5.

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