Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 6 - World Series of Poker Chronicles

day 6

at this point, as a young gun in the field with 45 left, i'm getting a bit more coverage. the pokerstars blogger who was originally covering jason was now exclusively covering me. a bit more pressure was mounting, and i knew it wasn't going to get any easier.

right off the bat as i unload my chips, i notice a bag that was literally bursting at the seams. wtf, i thought to least it was the other side of the table. as everyone else is getting settled in, the owner of that bag finally found the table.

gold. jamie gold. my first encounter with the chip leader, i was going to figure out his every move before i got involved in a big pot with him.

gold was conversing with aaronson and two other guys at the table, one sid jain and another. it seems that they are regulars at the commerce 25/50 game in LA...thanks for alerting me, pals. gold has over 7 million in chips, around 5 times my stack. it probably takes him around a full 10 minutes to fully organize his chips, as he starts to play the first hand with just a mountain in front of him.

blinds 15k/30k 5k ante

the first hand we get dealt, jain raises to 97k. gold calls in the bb.

flop Q66 rainbow.
jain bets 160k, and gold calls.

turn T
both check

river Q
gold bets 125k, and jain thinks for a while. finally he calls, and tables J8o. i make a mental note that these guys are obv going to be going in guns ablazing.

gold doesn't have much to worry, though. about an hour later, gold opens a pot and guy on his immediate left calls.

flop is 984 two diamonds, and gold shoves for around 1.8 million, hansen snap calls with TT. as gold shows AA, i groan in disgust. you can see allen cunningham in disbelief in this video here:

TT is teh nutz!!!

how the hell was i supposed to win when people were just giving chips to gold left and right?

around 30 minutes later, gold wins another pot getting it all in on an AK6 board with AK against someone elses AJ for around 2.3 million pot. while the carnage continues, i'm forced to steer clear as i'm card dead and cannot afford any ill-timed aggression.

by the 2nd level, there were 9 eliminations. we were only playing to 27, so with 36 left, it looked to be a short day.

for the second level with 20k/40k blinds and a 5k ante, i manage to tread water by using my tight image to steal every so often. but with gold willing to play a lot of pots and repop at will, i couldn't really manuever too much as my cards were just not there for me.

towards the end of the second level,

there's one limper, i pick up KQo on the button, i raise to 150k. gold calls, limper calls and we go to the flop.

flop J63c
gold checks, limper checks, i lead out for around 300k, gold calls, limper folds. (i have Kc) i'm thinking gold probably had a weak jack or a underpair to a J.

turn T offsuit
gold checks, i believe that gold will probably fold to a shove given my tight image and that i have a good number of outs if i'm behind, so i move in for 925k. gold thinks about it, and says, "i'm getting 3-1 i call!" (he was getting around 2.4-1, and his call was incorrect even if he thought he was getting 3-1) at this point i'm thinking wtf was i thinking that he'd fold anything...

as i see him flip over his 98h, i'm thinking omg, wtf. please don't let this lunatic who called me with crap oop on the flop suck out. wtf?!?!!?

but the river brought the beautiful As, and i shouted for joy, "Yes! Yeah baby! The nuts! Well, the nut straight!"

gold quickly tries to save face by saying, "no no, not the nuts." i probably should've pointed out that a 9 would not have helped him, and that it was a terrible call, and that sweet juicy justice had been served and subsequently inked a 10 year deal with pokerstars for doing so, but in the heat of the moment i was just happy to be alive.

the hand is at the end of this video:

video of me pwning gold

the short day ends around 10 minutes later, and i end with a decent 3.6m in chips. was in better shape because there were only 2.5 levels of play and i tripled my stack. the short day was a big relief for all of us players, as we haven't gotten a break in a while.

the day felt kind of anticlimactic, ending so early, but i wasn't complaining. i had dinner with alex jacob and his gf with jason and craftsteak. awesome place, kobe beef filet is exceptional. probably my favorite place to eat in vegas, but i guess i haven't done too much eating when i'm usually busy gambling to have a good opinion on the places. all in all, it was a nice way to cap off a fine evening in LV.

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