Monday, January 28, 2008

Diet Coke is the sux0rs!

this entry got a lot of comments, i guess people have strong feelings about diet coke:


due to comments about my previous attack on diet coke, i feel compelled to answer to these various protests for this inferior drink.

first of all, why would anyone first want to drink this so called DIET coke drink? is it not obvious that coke came first and was obviously the ultimate drink until it was vastly improved upon by pepsi? then the producers at coke were like hm....women want to be skinny...why not come up with this magical idea called diet coke? and in our cool new advertisng and what not, we'll convince these newbs that diet coke actually DOES taste good.

notice that every post against diet coke was by a girl. not ONE guy was against my attack. i mean most guys don't want to lose weight, so they don't even try to drink diet. diet materials have this connotation of being terrible and the essence of all bad tasting things in the world. there's a reason why people eat undiet materials, simply because it tastes good.

obviously, in your drinking of diet coke, there was SOME point at which you were like, hm, body image, i have to drink diet. no one in their right mind would voluntarily try diet things just for the hell of trying diet things. so in doing so, you were conditioned to like this so called great drink.

if i drink something i think is coke, but in reality is diet, vanilla, cherry, or dr. pepper. or bargs, or some coke derivative, i immediately spit it out in disgust. i do not see any value in this diet coke you speak of.

which brings me to my next point. people who like vanilla coke are just retarded.

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