Monday, January 28, 2008

Early About Duke post

early on during my freshman year, i compiled a list of my early thoughts about duke/college:


duke/college facts

1. 5'10" is not average height for men. At Duke, it's around 6'5".

2. UNC sucks in everyway least that's what I'm told.

3. Freshman dorms are the only places at Duke that are not air conditioned...makes a whole lot of sense...welcoming class of 2006.

4. The chapel is a pretty chill place to go to.

5. 1600 people going from West Campus to East Campus and back is not a pretty sight for the bus drivers.

6. If you're from NY, the follow up question is always, are you from NYC?

7. Asians always congregate together...doesn't matter if it's at Duke or anywhere else. And there is probably one Japanese asian on campus.

8. Everyone is friendly...almost suspiciously so.


10. Basketball stars are VERY big...I felt like Sadie next to them...seriously they are at least 7'5"

11. I should probably have not brought my Carolina shorts.

12. There are still some geeks...but for the most part...Duke is probably better looking than your school...I mean I go there don't I? Hahaha jk...

13. Duke's basketball team might be a force(ranked 6th)...but its football team...they haven't won a game in the past two years...granted they're in a division 1 area...they still suck.

14. The old woman who gives a seminar on drugs takes ecstacy.

15. The acapella groups are great...especially that two person one that sang that i could fall into the sky song...that was mad funny.

16. You will forget the name of the person you just met approximately 5-10 minutes after leaving them.

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