Monday, January 28, 2008

An early poker victory

early poker story i found pretty lol, even now


For all you poker buffs and poker buff wannabes out there, here's a great story for you. A story I was reminded of while I was in Chicago. By the way the weather here is pretty newb.

Now for those of you who don't know Renato, let me give you a brief description. The R, as we call him, was introduced to me and Bobby while we first started to play Starcraft as Moc's neighbor. This was probably back in sophomore year in high school, when we played non stop every night.

Now, back then, me, Bobby, and Moc were all relatively skilled in the game, but Renato was still learning. Hence, when we played two on two games, we'd always refer to Renato as the newb, or the negative factor. What we meant by the negative factor is that essentially, Moc would be better off playing us 1v2 then having Renato on his team for 2v2s, ie it was essentially 0v2.

Renato, after all this rivalry, would become flustered, and would eventually work to become better than us at Starcraft. Two years later, he probably played more Starcraft than the three of us combined, and probably is better than us now, but obviously not potential wise. I mean come on, this is tech you're talking about, remember?

So, when Bobby got me into poker, one of the first opponents I ran into was Renato. And like all things, I was superior and outmatched him in every way. A particular moment was when a poker table became three handed between me him and Bobby, when he was the big stack, we essentially migrated his chips into our respective stacks.

I had a particular hand I was involved him with him, that I have to remember as one of my sweetest victories of all time. Not only because it was a poker victory, but it was once again, one UPING the R.

While bluffing isn't my favorite thing to do in poker, it is essential in strategy to poker to win. Solid play accompanied by the occasional bluff can be the key to successful play. One key aspect of bluffing and countering bluffs is to continually remember what happened throughout the hand and the session and use this information to bluff or call a bluff. Like in Memento, "I get paid to see through other people's bullshit."

So I'm in the small blind, first to act, with Renato to my left, and Bobby to my right. The flop comes 357, and there it is checked around. The turn pops off another 3, and I bet, while Renato raises on top, and Bobby folds. Renato then quickly calls. The river comes a 5. I check, Renato bets a significant amount, and I immediately pull a Doug Kim check raise. A check raise is when someone checks to get the other person to bet so he can raise on top to get more money in the pot, usually reserved for powerful hands. Renato is so flustered it is ridiculous. He is steaming. He cannot believe what happened. His trip 3's turned into a full house, a strong hand, but he was angry because he was almost certain that I had made the higher house. He pondered for a full five minutes, questioning, and looking at the pot, and wondering if his hand was good. I had not thought he held what he did and had bet strongly, so for deceptive purposes it was the best move I could've done. So Renato had NO read on me. He couldn't figure me out. It would seem CRAZY for him to call my bet.

Meanwhile, I was trying my hardest to get him to fold. Most people think that you have to try to act in poker, but usually a show means the opposite of what a person is doing. Knowing this, I had to make myself give the least information as possible. I had to think what he thought that I would do had I had a good hand, and do exactly that, knowing he would think that me trying to look intimidating was a lie. It was a tough spot to be in...I wish I had sunglasses. But I COULDN'T lose. NOT TO THE R! If he had called me, and called my bluff, he'd never let me live it down. It was probably some of the hardest 5 minutes of my life. ONE FALSE MISTAKE COULD RUIN IT FOR ME. It felt like that scene in Mission Impossible, where Ethan Hunt falls all the way down in that room and catches his sweat that comes off of him in his hand.

So anyway, Renato finally convinces himself that his hand is no good, and folds. As I took the pot, I couldn't help but reveal the glorious defeat I had over him. I flipped over my measly A7, and he just went crazy. The expression on his face was worth much more than the pot I had just won. It was UNBELIEVEABLE. The AGONY of again being DEFEATED by TECH was probably just too much for him. As the shouting escalated, the rest of the table which had been gone came rushing back and the consensus was made that I outmatched, outwitted, and outPLAYED the R, once again. Of course he heard it from me the rest of the night with my U.S. Patented Trash Talk, that could rile up even a pacifist to try to kill me.

The hand was talked about during the whole car ride home, and is essentially cherished in my mind as one of my greatest poker moments.


PokerRen669: DIE
PokerRen669: DI

PokerRen669: TRUST ME
PokerRen669: NEVER AGAIN WILL U GET RESPECT... talk shit about a well played hand by u, yea dumb move from me, but her i gave u the respect
PokerRen669: but never again
PokerRen669: and talking about startcraft
PokerRen669: ur a scrub now
PokerRen669: u wont win
PokerRen669: will never win
PokerRen669: nor would u and scout
PokerRen669: dont talk shit about it cause u cant back it up
PokerRen669: but in poker, scout will always get respect cause his not like u, but u wont, not anymore
PokerRen669: GDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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