Monday, January 28, 2008

An Early Pre-College Post

as retarded as i sound now, i sounded more retarded in my earliest posting days, but then who doesn't after high school?


yea so today i will give you what you've been all waiting for

a day in the life of tech

i got up early today...around 10am, to meet up with scout to go to the infamous marek's house

we get there late though, around 11:30am, where i make my entrance

shorty is to my right

marek across

and two other dudes i don't know

and of course...the infamous RENATO was there

so...we have small talk...they finally meet who they've all been waiting i know i'm that special...i'm the main attraction...the in guy

anyway we refer to each other by our names

tech renato scout marek shorty yay

cause calling each other by our real names after calling each other by our ids for so long on is so weird...or maybe i'm weird...or you're weird or die

so then we play poker for around 3 hours

i lose $3.35...first time playing...i run in and win big money...then i lose it all bleh

then i wrestle marek...he gets pretty pissy when i tell him wah or newb or some other sc term...but because i really didn't want to send anyone to the hospital or anything...YOU know...we just wrestle

but it ends up being retarded

until a 2v2 me scout vs renato marek

but scout is out with an injury leaving me to fend them off by myself for a few minutes

next time, they won't be so lucky

ok so then i go home around 5ish..bum around

and then i stare at the computer screen...for about an hour until i realize i'm i pop in sc...which gets boring...i win a 2v3 which is pretty retarded

so i 'm like hey maybe i should buy wc3

so i go to best buy to look for it and it's SIXTY what a killer to the pocket...but i'm like argh so i go over to the wiz...which DOESn'T HAVE IT AT i'm like damn...i also go to tower records to get some albums...then i go back to best buy...and find that they're i go home again...retarded

then it's around 10pm...i rap a bit with dana and linda in a freestyle battle...OBVIOUSLY owning them...even though dana thinks not...she's a newb

and then i call diana...and go to jenny's house to watch the usual suspects was good i guess...but the whole goodness is not knowing what's happening in that shawshank redemption...then we watch undressed on mtv...which has the worst acting in all mankinds history...and is pretty gay...literally

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