Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Final Table Part 2 - World Series of Poker Chronicles

right after i bustoed, i did a small video interview with cardplayer, and they asked me about what i thought of the other players, etc. i also did a mini-press conference for papers that wanted my thoughts and stuff about the hand that i busted on, and the overall experience etc. it was kind of surreal how people were hanging onto my every word, and trying to take in any "nugget of wisdom" i could give them about the game.

afterwards, i got out the account numbers of my student bank account that started my poker career at partypoker so long ago, and decided to wire the whole amount to the account. there was a space for me to give tips, but i did not leave any. i didn't know exactly how it was handled in previous years, but the day before, i had consulted a LOT of people i trusted from 2p2 and the like and the consensus was that harrah's was taking out a lot of juice as it was and the dealers should be well taken care of by them.

espn asked me to go to be interviewed by phil gordon and ali nejad in the booth. they actually did a bit of make up work on me, which was kind of funny, and i went and did my spiel. they asked me about my hand, asked me about what my biggest suckout was (the hand against david einhorn). i gave a shoutout to huskiez, the burst, and MSNL, unfortunately more catch phrases like what it do, or lol donkaments weren't out by then, or else they'd definitely be relayed as well.

i then played some 100 dollar roshambo with ali, who i "angleshooted" by not shooting out on 3 (i missed the part where he says 1 2 shoot ok doug? and just assumed he was playing how i standardly play, 1 2 3 shoot) i lost, unfortunately...

i took my family and some friends (the ocho and strasser) to the bellagio to get some food. we ran into ozzy who had just bought a 25k watch for no reason. we ended up eating at FIX. in hindsight, it was a bad choice for a nice dinner, but i guess we just wanted something fast and right after the win (it was getting late at the time)

my parents and my sister went back to their room in the palms, and i just hung out watching the rest of the bout on the ppv broadcast. i heard about how richard lee got knocked out and was kind of pissed off because he donked off all his chips to jamie in idiot fashion...i couldn't help but think, "man, position on jamie, which a huge stack, wtf how do you not take home the bracelet FTW?!?!?!"

i guess it's cause when people say to me, well it wasn't that bad when you got knocked out, etc., i view it very differently. it was the most annoying thing in the world. call it greed, call it pride, but i definitely thought i was playing my best and left nothing on the table, and was disappointed because i knew that i could be back in it so fast as jamie was eager to be an 80/20 dog against me multiple times...

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