Monday, January 28, 2008

Finding Monies!

i used to be poor...go fig


man...this is hard to update regularly...too busy i feel kind of guilty...i was working at computer lab and i hear something when i move my feet under the i swipe my feet back, and see a crumpled up 20 dollar bill i look around and i'm's kind of different from being an object because you can't just give it to someone to hold for the person who left it...but then again i need like paper money so i can get coins to do my laundry...right now i'm just armed with a debit card and the atms suck up fees which are took it...arg IT WAS A 20...never before had i found such an immense sum of money...i mean who leaves a 20 behind...haha how come i don't feel like this when i find quarters

anyhow...classes are good...studying a lot i guess...i'm slacking off playing wc3 but now i have to get case i still move onto plan b...right brian? i dunno...

oh yea...i tried out for and finally made it to a christian acapella group called borrowed and blue...hahaha i first sang i'll be by edwin mccain for the try outs, then where in the world is carmen sandiego for the was fun stuff...first practice is tomorrow

it's still weird down one is REALLY close's just been 2 weeks and i feel really far from anyone...i feel kind of antisocial...especially when i just play wc3 in my but yea everyone here i've only known for a small bit of my life but i seem to be ok i guess i kno a lot of ppl right now...especially asians

ok so my asian story...hahaha so me and two other girls are eating at dinner right...but then it just so HAPPENS that a bunch of other asian ppl we kno we all sit together at this huge table, like bringing additional ones to form this whole aggregation of like 12 asians at a table row...and then the one behind us is almost fully asian...haha we're invading the was like asa all over again

on another thought...actually i can't forget something i wanted when in memento the guy goes, "i can't remember to forget you" when he's burning the stuff...hahaha movies...but maybe it'll happen sooner or later

ok gonna study some more.

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