Monday, January 28, 2008

Hating the Matrix...wah

entry i wrote about the matrix revolutions when i watched it, sadness:


the matrix. it's over. supposedly.

while not as confusing as the second one, perhaps it should have been. otherwise it'd have taken a while before i realized it sucked. so many points glossed over, so many things thrown in without purpose, it just wasn't a tight film. and by connection to the second one, it dragged down the value of watching either. to say the least, the matrix sequels killed a cool thing.

you didn't really feel like anything that happened made any difference at all. whether or not they survived, who died, what happened, it was all the same. the decisions made didn't seem like they were choices at all, but set plot lines. the script seems like the most obvious choices, with some philosophical crap sprinkled here and there. what did the matirx mean anymore? what were they fighting for? survival? the human race? dominance over the machines? what did the machines want? the wachoski brothers did a TERRIBLE job mixing everything together, and then gave us a ending that was second worse only to the humans having a huge emp bomb and destroying the machines like that.

the special effects were great, but like in reloaded, there wasn't anything that surprised me. i guess it was sort of reminscent when neo did the come at me pose again to agent smith. but then both of them were pretty much invincible so their fight was pointless. every fight to me seemed pointless.

nothing was explained well, and it seems like the wachoskis are going to pull another george lucas and make more films that are gay and retarded. i think it was all because of one of the brother's gay i'm a transexual stage. stupid transexuals.

basically, as kgb would say, i feel so, unsatisfied.

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