Monday, January 28, 2008

A Little John Park mancrush

this is a blog i wrote right after meeting John Park at Duke my freshman year, it was really like a zOmG moment:


ok so i'll tell you all what happened...

remember that one voice praise night last march at the palisades church? well it was where praise bands came together and did their thing

anyhow after we came up...these two korean girls came and sang like too good...and then these two guys did a rap song...and i just found out the rapper dude went to duke with me...haha we were at mcdonalds...and he's like oh i'm rapping at the retreat...and i'm like wait a sec...where are you from? and he said jersey...and then eventually we made the connection...haha for those of you who don't kno...he's probably the best korean rapper i've heard in real life...

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