Monday, January 28, 2008

Perfect Girl? Maybe not...

entry i wrote under obligation when prompted by brian


so this is some newbish xanga game brian sent me a long time ago, so i'll waste some time to entertain the masses. whelp, here goes.

Rules of the Game:

Tagged victim must come up w/ 10 different points of his/her "perfect lover."
Specify gender of target.
Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment to notify of tag.
If tagged again, no need to post a 2nd time.

The Perfect One (Female):

1. Really really ridiculously good looking - yep, this is an important quality. i'll give it to you straight up, an ideal lover is aesthetically pleasing to look at. i don't want her to be TOO good looking tho, as to making me feel inadequate. that's pretty rare however, as tityta. however, the girl would ideally know she's all that and a bag of chips so she doesn't get that princess complex. which brings me to my next point.
2. Not bitchy - i.e. doesn't think she's all that and a bag of chips all the time. she knows how to get what she wants from me without annoying or nagging me.
3. Competitive - inevitably, there's going to be couple vs. couple games and the like going on with other ppl, and believe me, we're going to come out on top a lot. which brings me to the next point.
4. Athletic - yes i know people are wondering why. believe it or not, i was somewhat in shape in high school...and i think my ideal person should be too, to help with point number 1 and 3, and to whip me into shape again as well.
5. Witty - nothing connects people like laughter. it's difficult to get me to genuinely find something funny, especially for a girl, because i'm very critical of my humor. no, really.
6. Singer - like brian, a good singer would captivate me. but the singing level has to be leet, otherwise it wouldn't really differ my opinion between one who can carry a tune, and one who's tonedeaf.
7. Wise - knows what advice to give in any situation, and more importantly, knows how to get me to agree to that advice.
8. Korean - it'd probably be easiest if the girl were a korean-american for long-term purposes.
9. Compromising - if you want chivalry, you better get ready to serve in the kitchen. it doesn't necessarily mean i want to serve in traditional men/women roles, it just means that i hate double standardizing and being a girl's bitch. equality is good.
10. Loving/lovable - self explanatory. gotta feel the chemistry.

well this list probably sucks, but it's hard to come up with 10 things. seeing as how i'm making a list of the perfect lover, without actually having one, indicates the degree of my loserness. and how bored i am. ok, lata.

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