Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 10/18/2002

Random Thought of the Week

So, I was back in the Korean Church and everything, and some adult comes to me and goes in Korean, something to the effect of "Hi, how's it going? I see your acne has cleared up a bit!"

Sure, this is nice to know and all, but it's not really wanted information. I mean I know I have problems in that area, why do I need some newb parents to accentuate it? Korean parents...they seem to behave kind of like little children who don't lie when it comes to looks...they don't care what you think.

I think this comment is like the equivalent of like someone saying...hey your breasts and butt look bigger! Nice job there! (haha nice addition eh euna?)

It's just not something you comment on.

Hahaha...if you're korean, you all know what I'm talking about...they'll make comments about your weight and stuff liberally as well...but my skinniness is for another random thought.

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