Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 10/4/2004

Random Thought of the Moment

So as you walk by a pillar or a tree, let's say about 8 feet in diameter, you see someone you recognize. And as you say hi, the pillar blocks your view, and you're like on hold until he passes or you pass fast enough for the pillar to stop blocking the view. But if you keep at the constant speed, the pillar is bound to consistently block your vision from that other person. Now do you walk faster, stop and wait for them to pass, or walk backwards? Walking backwards would make it seem like you're too desperate to see them, and no one deserves that kind of flattery. However, if both think, walk faster or stop, they may just either keep having their vision blocked by the pillar by going in circles, or by stopping at the same time, they'll both look like newbs just standing still.

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