Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 10/8/2002

Random Thought of the Week:

How do you tell a true friend? There are several characteristics they must fulfill before they become a CLOSE's how to tell if they're just one of those o OK friends or your true crew.

1. You can act like a total newb and still be able to face them the next day.

2. You can talk about going to the bathroom to do number two's and anything related to the subject of personal craps(ie you can fart in their presence without feeling TOO weird, they'll yell at you obv)

3. You can talk about any physical deformity you have/had.

4. They'll IM you first...haha unless they are like me who are online all the time and can't talk to everyone else at once...good old popular me.

5. They are allowed to bring up embarassing stories about you without you getting mad at them.

6. They will know these embarassing stories.

7. They are always on call for you...Diana? buddy duty? haha

8. They will listen to you whine and tell you to shut up and grow up, give you a big hey hey why don't you call whine one one and get a wambulance, wdycai, and hhw, instead of going aww.

9. They will give you the occasional punch in the face(figuratively and literally speaking) when it is needed.

10. They will occasionally let you win at warcraft 3 when they always kick your ass(yes when i lose...that's what i'm doing guys).

hahaha most of these are just stupid things on the list...but i spent a whole 5 minutes coming up with them so enjoy yay? test it out on your friends

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