Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 12/19/2002

Random Thought of the Moment:

It's a well known fact that girls can tell if other girls are attractive, I mean come on, they compare themselves all the time to other er different areas of their attractiveness. But, how does one establish whether a GUY is good looking or not? I mean, I can't do it. Is this a phenomenon for just me, or do most guys feel the same way too? I am SERIOUSLY not lying girls, you're like OH guys can tell, but I CAN'T! Mainly, cause I don't spend my time checking out guys and all but still.

I mean I can see if guys have hot bodies or not, because it's all buff and stuff, and I can tell if they are like UGLY, but how do I know whether they are GOOD LOOKING or not? I mean I see leonardo dicaprio, and people before are like now he's ugly and stuff, but why was it before he was like mr. pretty boy? Now it's like orlando whatever his face is, the guy who plays legolas in lotr, and ppl now say he's hot, but to me he looks exactly like a leo clone! and some ppl say he's not hot either. some ppl like that other dude that plays aragon. or brad pitt. or tom cruise. or SOMETHING? it's so confusing...with guys, they usually have a general consensus on who's good looking or not, but girls have like these RANDOM judgments

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