Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 12/3/2002

Random Thought of the Moment:

So those pretty people in the world...what makes them so special? Most of them have this like superiority complex that if they weren't pretty they'd be like newbish. I mean what have they done to be so beautiful? Well, I guess if they worked out and stuff it'd be deserving, but like you can only make yourself look good to a point.

Hm, so is it bad to be attracted to girls who are hot? I mean why do people always (especially girls...ALWAYS girls) go is that ALL you look for in a girl? Obviously not all, but it's a factor. I mean look at Abraham in the bible. Or was it one of his descendents? Anyway, he knew that who his wife was gonna be cause she guessed it...HOT. So was Esther the savior of Israel. So obviously hot people were created for a reason. For Doug Kim. Haha okok don't kick my ass girls...calm yourselves.

But anyway, GIRLS are guilty of the same thing too. I mean they say they are all about personality...but you know that's like uh..bullshiznickle. I mean, I wouldn't have any personal experience being as good looking as I am, (calm down) but like I know that all girls are into looks as much as the next guy. Look at all those stupid magazines you read. Look at the stupid actors who make it cause they're hot...ahem...rick yune...ahem...Look at...Ben Affleck...hahaha ok so i slipped that in for my sister

So next time I comment on how someone is hot or not...I want no lip from's just like saying oh that person is smart or stupid...blarg

Comment all you want folks. haha i imagine guys will give me props while girls will give me 0

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