Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 12/8/2002

Random Thought of the Week:

You know how you can NEVER call a girl fat? Well...shouldn't it go the OTHER WAY AROUND? Stupid girls...they are so newb.

So here's what happens all the time. I, and probably Brian more so, but people are like medically concerned with his weight, like with obese people, so that's ok, have been considerably made fun of my weight. People have even made comments like, if he worked out he'd be cute. That's just wrong. That's like telling a girl, if you lose weight, I'll like you.

Honestly, I have tried to gain weight, I really have. I made it to a whopping 143 once. But it was like hard i'm 135ish but I'm weak as hell motivation with my buds AK and BK to pump me up. It ain't easy. This furthers my proof that girls are more interested in looks and stuff. I mean if if I was as meatier as the next guy, I'd have chicks too. At least that's what my sister tells me. But, guess what I'm dateless on my last year as a teenager.

Girls...they're all the same. Hypocrites alike...what newbs. I mean my sister is going all wah over Ben Affleck in that Jenny from the block video. What a newb...haha she wants me to find a hot guy from Duke for her. But then I was listening to this girl go, man I want to touch his chest(muscular obviously). If a guy said, I want to touch her chest, he'd get like arrested or something.

Anyway, my point is you girls shouldn't have your double standards about your looks, it's because you're so sensitive about it, and you say it shouldn't matter, that it gives so much weight. The very thing you don't want guys to look for is what you concern yourself with all the time.

Don't hate.

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