Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 2/20/2004

Random Thought of the Moment

you know how when you're a freshman, you meet all these new people. and then later on in your college career, people you met, you don't even give them a nod as you walk by them, as if you don't know them. what's up with that. i guess people are naturally not inclined to be friendly. but that sort of makes sense, you don't want to devote too much time to too many people, or everyone will end up just being fringe friends you hang out every once in a while with.

that brings me to my other point. sometimes, you THINK you know someone well enough to give them a greeting. so there have been several times, where i make eye contact with this person i know, and i have to make a decision. should i greet or should i just pass by coolly? so i choose the former sometimes in a split second, and she doesn't respond at all. i mean, if someone waves specifically at you, and you KIND of know them, you should at least give a nod. i was given nothing. even if you don't know them i think you should pretend you do, so you don't newb them in the face. this has happened several times. i guess people don't want to be associated with me...the DICKS.

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