Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 4/22/2004

Random Thought of the Moment:

You know how people post baby pictures of themselves on the facebook or on a xanga profile? It annoys me greatly.

I'll probably get a lot of offended responses for this, but I'm in a don't give a boobeedoobop mode so as my sister would say, whatevz.

Anyway, why do people post these pictures up? I mean for girls it's ok I suppose somewhat, since girls can be cute babies and cute people now.

But guys come on. This is ridiculous. Any guy that posts a picture of themselves as a baby on a profile picture is just either effeminate, or homo, or effeminately homo. What are you trying to get across? Are you trying to get aww responses from all your female friends? Aww = gay.

Which brings me to my next point. Guys who act gay in front of girls are just newb. If you ever say anything that evokes an aww response from a girl, you are guilty of this. Stop right now, if you get an aww response from anyone slap yourself immediately. I see this behavior all the time and it's just sad. I mean let's say there's this hot girl but is obviously retarded/or acting retarded and actually being manipulative, guys will act all gaga googoo to her. Guys like this have no self respect and are in my book, newb. Sometimes the behavior is so sickening I have to leave the room and restrain from shooting myself in the head. The worst part of it all is after all their newbish efforts, they end up walking away with nothing.

So yea, conclusion is guys acting gay for girls = newb. And in that subset include guys who post baby pictures of themselves. It's probably the worst when the guys' baby picture is ugly. Then it's actually a lot more lol i suppose.

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