Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 5/12/2003

Random Thought of the Moment:

So, what I took away from me was the fact that once you're at college, you become a lot less self-conscious. What do I mean? I mean you stop caring about how you look, how you appear to other people, because it simply does not matter anymore. Everyone's in this big agreement that college is a time where you can wear whatever you want and look like a grunge ball without anyone else caring.

Here's an have to take a crap, and there are multiple people in the bathroom. But you don't care, you just go on a seat and handle your business, as if they weren't there. Now in a normal public setting that's very hard to do...but it's college now, you don't care what ppl think, you just have to do your thing.

Or when you're going out to class, you don't care what you're wearing or how long it's been since your last shower. Who do you know in your class? Probably no one. Who do you talk to there? After this semester, I will probably communicate with maybe three people from all my classes who I didn't know from other places.

So college is a place where you stop caring. Which can be liberating, but dangerous at the same time.

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