Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 8/5/2004

Random Thought of the Moment

So I was having dinner with my friends the other night, and as we're waiting to be seated, my friend looks at another person. It's one of those, my eyes have nowhere to go so I'll just look in this direction and it happens to be another person. Now, this person, noticing that my friend is looking at her, looks back. My friend, taken aback by this lookback, is now on the defensive because his eyes have just coincidentally fixated on her, and now his look was being reflected with the intensity of a laser beam.

In this situation, do you look back EVEN HARDER? Or are you the first to pull away, and look another way. It's kind of like a game of chicken...but it's weird. Random people won't just be friendly, ie you won't see random people just talking to each other, sit next to each other on public transportation...are we generally that untrusting? Hum.

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