Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought - 9/22/2002

Random Thought of the Week

You ever have the choice of eating apple jacks or fruit loops? Did you ever notice something? THEY ARE THE SAME EXACT CEREAL BRAND. Seriously...they're shaped and they taste the same...the only difference is their color.

Now, when a mother sees apple jacks and fruit loops, they are going to OBVIOUSLY choose apple jacks because it just looks healthier...less color = worse tasting = healthy. Ha HA...but they couldn't be farther from the truth! THEY ARE THE SAME THING! Even children will be fooled...they will probably choose fruit loops thinking muhaha I'm eating fun flavored action packed rainbows...but they are just eating the same generically tasting stuff...I mean there might be SOME difference...but not really.

Which leads to the question...are fruit loops and apple jacks the ultimate in elastic goods? I mean if a consumer who based his food on tastes were to go into the store and they saw apple jacks and fruit loops at the same price, and suddenly apple jacks went up a cent, I would think the amount of apple jacks demanded would reduce to 0 instantly.

Now that I have significantly bored will later on know what happened this weekend because you must first leaves props on this site to indicate your interest in the going ons of my life. Bwah ha.

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