Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thought Tries

early in my blogging career, i tried to think up insightful little tidbits known as random thoughts, which i thought would spruce up my blog a little more than the average ho hum i did this and that today: here's a sampling...this became a whole series


so...since ppl aren't leaving as many props as they used to...i've decided to have a random thought of the generate props to get ppl to think i'm i was going to this one girl's site...and she's pretty hot...or so i hear. well anyway, she gets millions of props you know if i got that many props, maybe ppl would think i'm hot too. haha good one eh , doug? ok so here's my thought:

Random Thought of the Week

Do ugly ppl know that they're ugly? And likewise, do pretty ppl know that they're pretty? Or, can you determine if your family members are hot or not?(excluding hicks obv) I mean, if you get used to looking at the same face everyday, you can't really determine whether it's like ugly or good looking. Personally, I think I'm ultra fly, but how can one be sure of their own flyness? I mean do ugly ppl KNOW that they are like ugly? Or perhaps they are hot, but like think they're ppl who say they're fat but they really are like 2 pounds. Or perhaps the other way around, ugly ppl who think they are all that, but they are just newbs. And about your family members, I mean my sister in my opinion is ultra newb and we tell each other this all the time.(both of us claim that the other is adopted, they so ugly) But it's my sister for crying out loud. Weird. Anyhow, if one were hot, what if some ppl thought they were hot, and others didn't? Like an acquired taste hot. Would that person be right in thinking that they're ugly or not? I guess the only way to be sure is to go on that that's why those ppl created it...for ppl to get the HONEST truth. Not like the bs from their friends, but HARD TRUTH FROM REAL PPL WHO DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEM. THE TRUTH? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Hahaha, ok tune in next time for Random Thought of the Week.

In other news, I basically wasted the whole day today, intending to watch signs or road to perdition, but the ardsley ppl newbed it up, so we went to wendy's...then sportime...then someone's house to watch yankees...what fun. i need a life. anyhow, someone call me, my time here in ny is short, i'm a hot commodity. haha yea, that's right i AM hot. i don't care if that site said i was a 1. hahaha you thought i actually went to that site? newbs. ok bye.

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