Monday, January 28, 2008

Spiderman 2 Review

i love spiderman, if you haven't noticed


the first time i heard about anything spiderman related was when i started to collect marvel cards back when marvel printed them around 1990. i started to read comics and collect them as well back then, reading of the fantastic four, x-men, the infinity guantlet series, and spiderman. there was a comic book store nearby my korean school that i wasn't supposed to go to and spend money on because it was supposedly a waste.

anyhow, the way i learned about spiderman and most of the characters were through the cards, which provided valuable information such as stats on intelligence, durability, strength, etc on super heroes. VERY valuable information, i mean how else are you going to know what characters generally own what other characters. and i remember that what made spiderman so good was his intelligence, which was supposed to be genius level for humans, and his agility, which was just ridiculously high. he became my favorite character by far, and i've watched just about every show i could on saturday mornings of the spiderman show, acting out many of the scenes as best i could with limited human agility. ah those crazy middle school days. this was probably part of the reason i can do that dodge bullet thingy, because of the wild contortions i put my body through.

but spiderman. he has got to be the greatest superhero in marvel history. not only does he have unlimited villains, green goblin, hobgoblin, venom, carnage, doc ock, scorpion, lizard, beetle, rhino, vulture, electro, hydroman, king pin and many more, he's got THREE different comics in circulation for him, fans just can't get enough. there were even some mini series specificially about the enemies of spiderman. as if the scum of NYC weren't enough.

anyhow, imagine the excitement i had when i saw the first movie. it was the first SPIDERMAN movie. not some all powerful superman who was impervious to anything except for one substance which no one seemed to use correctly enough to kill him, or some gadget filled batman who seemed to buy his way to victory, but SPIDERMAN. JUSTICE.

but i was kind of irked when some movietical justice was carried out, ie no gwen stacy being killed by the green goblin, no mechanical web shooters, etc. at some points you could miss the essence that WAS spiderman. but all in all, it was a pretty solid movie.

so, we get to spiderman 2, where the original movie left off. the movie starts at a fast pace, blowing you into the action almost immediately. you immediately find that spiderman's main problem is balancing real life and being a super hero, something not really addressed as well in other super hero movies.

the story also continues the ongoing romance between peter parker and mary jane. though not of a chick flick caliber type sappiness, the conflict is carried out pretty convincingly (i.e. the awkward scenes between the two characters, the torment peter goes through in dealing with the situation) and drives the plot of the story.

the movie also introduces one of spidey's classic rivals, doctor octopus. i personally thought elton john should've been cast for it, because he looks like him. but instead they got some random dude. what bothered me is that they didn't follow the fact that doctor octopus has normal human strength, and would be knocked away by a single blow by spiderman (in battles, doc ock is hit hard many times, and a punch from spidey would definitely knock him out) making the issue for spiderman getting close enough to go in for the punch. but i digress. the battles between doc ock and spidey are great in the movie, contrasting between the speed and flexibility of spiderman to the strength and reach of doc ock's arms. they are definitely great fight scenes to watch.

all the action scenes are pretty well done, though i was kind of SLIGHTLY disappointed at the battle at the end, it seemed kind of anti climactic.

another point in the movie is the trouble spidey has with the truth and the people he is close with. how much should he keep to himself to protect those he knows? the problems within the movie are RELATIVELY mind engaging. i say that with a grain of salt, because it is after all an action comic movie.

there are parts that i found funny. there's a scene where peter walks away from a situation because he's done being spiderman. but then it's a situation i'd think even a normal person would try to help in. it seemed they were being a bit ridiculous in the ignoring the duties as a good person department. also, there's a scene where peter just gets served by several people at one time. and looks like a newb. it's pretty funny. there's also just so many times when peter parker acts like a dork and is hilarious. it's good to see the nerd win. yay nerds!

oh yea i hate how people think they know what they're talking about when they refer to the hobgoblin. i heard it in the theater, and it irks me. read the story of the hobgoblin before you make any stupid assumptions. you'll know what i'm talking about as you watch the movie.

all in all, a good movie to watch. didn't meet my expectations, but then, my expectations were ridiculously high as i was a huge fan. kind of like the matrix. but i have a good feeling that spiderman 3 will be at least up to these standards. and they've got to make more. dr. connors is in this one, who's the lizard later on, as well as a mention of eddie brock in the first, who's venom. man bring on the series of spidey films raimi. but this film definitely kicks the crap out of troy, harry potter, and whatever else garbage is out there right now.

anyway the entry on tech tomorrow? or the review of the spectacular bosox sweep? hm...

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