Monday, January 28, 2008

The TeCH

intro the TeCH


"This is TeCH you're talking about."

The swarms of zerg ground forces were coming in fast and it was all we could do to hold them off. Build, build, BUILD! Conversations went furiously something like:

-Scout: YO
-TeCH: hm?
-Scout: MOC
(I move my observor towards his base. He has massive amounts of hydralisks [ground unit with projectiles] and zerglings [melee units] and plenty of hatcheries to keep pumping them off. It seemed he was planning a drop.)
-TeCH: shit
-TeCH: yo counter his base i think he's going for me

I quickly move my high templar towards the outskirts of my base defending against the potential drop. Renato and MoC quickly regroup and start sending in troops.

-Scout: yo they're coming
-TeCH: obfv don't you think i see that?
-Scout: gdd
-Scout: i barely have units left (his counter had died to the R's forces)
-TeCH: tityta (This is TeCH you're talking about)

I gather my remaining high templar, dragoons and zealots, and await for the assault. As the forces come in, I rail off perfectly and precisely placed psi storms after psi storms, cutting through the zerg forces like butter. I rally the troops, and stage a quick counter attack, mainly on MoC, while Scout kept Renato at bay. Slowly but surely we held through, using my superior advantage of more advanced units.

They kept sending units in though, there seemed to be an unlimited amount coming through. So I used a tactic I had used against Scout earlier, reinforcing the entire map with protective photon cannons and shield batteries. I then started mass producing CARRIERS, the Renato killer. After eating away bit by bit at their bases, they had no choice but to concede to the TECH and SCOUT.

Back in 8th grade, I was making a screenname and was recently intrigued by the idea of cold fusion, from the movie the Saint. I guess it's still an ongoing fascination, as it was the topic at hand in Spiderman 2. Hence the screenname fusiontek was made.

After a while around 9th grade, I started getting into playing Starcraft. A little while into it, I started using the name technological, as I was somewhat obsessed with all things nerdy, and was dreaming of going to MIT. After I found out Mike and Bobby played, we contacted each other through under unique ids. Mike was MoC, for his name, where as Bobby was Scout, as in the protoss aircraft, not the main character in To Kill a Mockingbird as many believe.

Mike's friend was Renato, which was his actual name. Since he had started playing way after we had, he was in essence a newb, whenever we played. Bobby, Mike and I would play 3v3, and when Renato would sign on, he'd message Mike who'd subsequently say, the R has contacted me. We nicknamed him the negative factor, as is explained in a previous entry.

Hence, there would always be those classic battles between TeCH Scout and Renato MoC, most of which we'd come out on top. MoC usually dominated in the beginning as he was good at just producing units, but we caught up using superior use of more advanced units. Hence the "tech" aspect.

We'd bring the action and the thrill of competition into school, getting thrown out of libraries for being way too loud. We were probably some of the most arrogant people you could find, each with their own opinion that had to be VOICED. Without fail, we'd play almost every night to 3 am, bitterly fighting to the end for bragging rights.

But, somehow, this TeCH phenomenon, spilled into other aspects of my life. Soon, I was telling everyone to go cry about it, wah, stop being such a newb, and just trash talking left and right to those at school. In math/chem especially, I'd dominate the scene, because after all, this was tech we were talking about, and anything less would be just terrible. This especially was during math meets and academic challenge and AP Computer Science (yes we were nerds, but math is what pays the bills), where Bobby and I would fight to the death to not only get answers right but to be finished faster. Our trademark at the math meets would be to finish a problem, then take a drink from our soda and SLAM it down in the others face, utterly annoying everyone in our presence and most of all the opponent.

This was where I'd be calling regular people newbs, for being newbs, and dicks for well, being dicks. People soon became accustomed to my way of talking and it became commonplace to talk in such a manner around me. One time, my sister was appalled at Bobby calling me a dick, and he justified it saying, it's a conversational dick, obv. Typing in quick succession of rapid ims became a habit of ours as well. This type of talking was necessary to speedily get our point across, that we were the best/greatest/owningest.

In college, TeCH has still remained somewhat alive. Since I don't really play Starcraft anymore, nor do I compete in any quantitatively related areas, there's no application for it. Yet there are still times when it is necessary to pull out the identity, whenever the occasional game is played, or just trash talk in general is needed to motivate me.

The essence of TeCH is complicated. It's basically my way of saying, you got served, owned, pwned, roxored, or any other combination of those words when i say:

"This is TeCH you're talking about."

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