Sunday, September 28, 2008

movement, among other things

so the third class i'm taking is called movement. basically, it's a class to help make ones movement more freer and less awkward i guess. during class we start with an exercise in the beginning where we lie on the floor and listen to new age calming music and move around to make ourselves more aware of our bodies. i think it's kind of meh, but who knows, i suppose.

we then did an exercise where we sat in different positions in a chair facing a partner, and experimented to see which position we could best relate to the other person. sitting upright or really relaxed made it difficult to relate, while sitting casually was easier as you didn't really pay attention to how you were sitting or how they were sitting; you were spending more of your energy connecting.

all in all, movement is my least favorite class though so far, we have to dress in like these black canvas shoes, black stretchy pants and white t-shirt everytime, and so far, i don't think i've learned anything really substantial (my other two classes, i really feel like i've been having breakthroughs really early). hopefully it gets better than this.

in the acting technique class, which i'll refer to now as technique, we changed up the repetition exercise by including an activity. the idea of the activity was to have it engaging enough that you take the attention off yourself, freeing yourself to make truthful responses. the teacher had me take a detailed inventory of the objects in the room while i did the repetition exercise. the repetition exercise went a lot more smoothly because i was engaged in the activity, and let my natural responses take surface. i even got a compliment from a classmate who enjoyed watching the exchange between me and my partner, pretty cool.

for my next technique class, i'm going to have to come up with an activity that's difficult for me and totally engaging. i also have to come up with a reason why i'm doing it, that's simple, yet specific. we'll see how it goes.

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