Sunday, October 19, 2008

freedom, grounding

so a lot that i've noticed in classes is this real belief teachers have in the metaphyiscal world; they believe in some sort of spirituality, something outside of ourselves. my voice teacher keeps talking about freeing your energy and chakra through meditation and exercises. a lot of it sounds very Buddhist and new age to's hard for me to believe in it fully, but i guess it also made me realize that in the same way, how hard it is for me to have the faith to just freely believe in Christianity through my senses, instead of my mind.

a big theme i've been coming across throughout acting is that the attention is not supposed to be on oneself, but rather on one's surroundings, and one's inner emotional reaction towards those surroundings. i've been getting better at that bit by bit, but i'm still too self conscious, even when i'm the one doing the activity during the repetition exercise. my movement class has been helpful in that we're taking time to do exercises that free ourselves from being self conscious of our bodies, and to be more aware of our kinesphere, aka our 3-dimensional space. i'll try to use the exercises to make me more grounded during my acting exercises.

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