Monday, November 17, 2008

scene work

we started doing scenes in class a couple weeks ago. the way we're doing scenes is not typical, however. we're supposed to memorize the text without assigning a particular emotion or character to what it means, and instead during exercises, let the text come out of us based on how we feel and how the other partner is making us feel, making it more organic.

in some ways, this is harder than the repetition exercises, because there is a

a) temptation to "play the text" or "schmact" which basically means like act the scene out as you'd play it out in your head

b) have to be able to clean your mind every time when you're doing the scene, you can't anticipate what's going to happen

the scene that i have is from a play called the joyous season, involving two characters, francis, a law professor in the boston area, and his unsatisfied wife, who believes that francis is short changing himself instead of living up to his potential. it's been getting better as we practice it, but i think i still need help opening myself up to experience the moment.

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just wanted to say you have at least one avid reader.