Friday, February 13, 2009

in my head and some updates...

lately, i've been noticing that i'm still in my head while acting. thinking "what is wrong with this person?" or "how can i help that person?" or "it's acceptable that she's being a bitch to me because she's in this state" instead of going instinctively on what i feel.

being in your head is one of the worst things for an actor, it means you're self conscious, you're not in the moment, you lost contact with the circumstance, with the partner. one solution obviously is to put your attention on the other person entirely, but that in itself is also difficult.

i've really started to think that movement and music might be the key to staying out of my head, i seem to be a lot more free once i release tension by moving to music, as weird as it may sound. i need to start doing that more often before class, hopefully i'll have a breakthrough soon enough.

i'll go over what's going on in movement and voice in a later post.

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