Thursday, March 5, 2009

the trapezeus

Lately in movement class we've been doing exercises that increase our comfortability with being more intimate with others. We've been opening up what's known as our first two circles of energy. The first circle of energy is located right beneath your sit bones. This is where we become grounded, where we have moments for self-reflection and awareness. The second circle of energy is located in the pelvis, this is where we feel, we connect with others. We've been doing short exercises guided by music to awaken this energy. Afterwards, we have an exercise to try and connect with others with newfound freedom.

I've found that movement is helping me become more and more out of my head and developing freeness that is required of my work. Skeptical at first, I now believe that just loosening up and connecting to something before acting helps you free your impulses and reach out to the things that are deep within. I hope I have a breakthrough soon in my acting technique class, I feel like I'm almost there.