Wednesday, June 10, 2009

last scene

so for the end of the year, i did a scene with my partner from the last scene from a play called "Barefoot in the Park." the scene is when a couple comes home from a party where the wife was ecstatic because she hooked her mother up with a man for the first time in a while, and the husband, is angry because he wanted to go home early to sleep. the argument becomes heated as the newlyweds (2 weeks of marriage) come to realize that they are two completely different people.

the scene required me to emotionally prepare myself to be pissed off at my partner when coming in. it wasn't really that hard for me to become pissed off, i can think of a billion different scenarios where i'm really annoyed at someone. i'm kind of disappointed that i wasn't challenged in this regard, because i was hoping to work on something that has given me trouble, but i suppose since it's the last scene and we were going to present it to bill esper (the guy who founded the studio), it was fine.

throughout the scene, catching impulses and staying connected was paramount, as it always is in acting. we had several classes where we were kind of just running through the motions and it always felt flat. however, i'm happy the way we progressed, we worked on our scene a lot and made sure we kept in contact. it was easier this time around because i could relate to and really understand the point of view of the character, making it easier to adapt as my own and really mean the things i was saying. the ease with that facilitated being in the moment and being ultimately free.

the scene ended up being a success. though i feel like it wasn't 100% there, it still had life and had started to have beginnings of something more. coming away from this year, i know there is still work to be done on my emotionality and how i deal with intense situations. hopefully i'll be there next year to share my adventures.

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