Thursday, October 8, 2009

The acroynm list, updated

So, a lot of you guise might have trouble deciphering what I say (sometimes because you are internet n00bs). I had a previous entry where I went through all the acronyms that I use in everyday speak, but I suppose it's time for an updated list where you can now figure out what i'm saying. Some of them are common phrases, some of them are my own or friends' creations.

The List:

the old classic unique tech-isms
gdd - God (as an exclaimation), dick (what i'm calling you), die (the directive). has not been in use too often as of late. brian lee made an alternate form calling someone a dd (dick die, as a noun)

tityta - this still means this is tech you're talking about. probably will be used more often when starcraft 2 is released (additionally, tisatyta, as in this is scout [my roommate] and tech you're talking about, this would be our team name in vid games. personally i think this is tech and scout you're talking about sounds better but tisatyta does sound better than titasyta)

sbsan - stop being such a newb (see below for newb explanation)

hhw - hey hey, wah (the first two heys are a quick 16-th note like staccato and then an elongated WAH, to emphasize the futility of your whining)

wdycai - why don't you cry about it (usually said after a hhw)

currently used phrases
lol/lawl/lowl/lulz/lul - pretty much a standard phrase with now many dialects of usage indicating something that is funny, i tend to use lowl now most often at the moment, but am able to use any at any time.

rofl - much less used

(variations on rofl and lol)

-z0rs - a suffix used to emphasize
sux0rs - sucks a lot
pwnz0r3d - got pwn3d, a lot

ty - thank you

wtf - what the fuck (bad surprise)
wtg - what the gak (question surprise)
wtd - what that do (another question surprise)

omg/Zomg - optional Z, this is usually a good surprise

MR - so this actually came from my dad who told a somewhat funny story of a patient because he was trying to communicate with him but failed to see at the bottom of the clipboard that he was MR. you can guess what this means, it's a bit politically incorrect. example:

my sister: "Hey what's 3% of 100?"
me: "Are you MR?"

YLT - this came from my friends and me in vegas this year constantly going you like that after every sentence we spoke. or, you like how such and such happened. comes loosely from rounders when worm shows his ace of spades tattoo and says, you like that?
ILT - i like that
IDLT - i don't like that

stfu/gtfo - shut the fuck up/get the fuck out (you need a big tall glass of STFU)

imo - in my opinion

newb/n00b/nub - a fledgling. a tyro. a novice. a beginner. a neophyte. a dilettante. someone who chooses easy mode in video games when you obviously should at least start with the standard medium.

obv/obfv - obviously/obfuckingviously (my own creation, used rarely though)

tbh - to be honest

sjj - sweet, juicy, justice (used when something is right with the world)

FTW - for the win (usually used in victorious moments)
FTL - for the loss (usually used in moments of fail)

srs/srsly - serious(ly)

FML - fuck my life
FYL - fuck your life
FOL - fuck our lives
FHL - fuck his/her life

ffs - for fuck's sake (if i'm feeling scottish/irish)

FNR - for no reason

icwudt - i see what you did there (used when someone does something clever)
ucwidt - you see what i did there (used when i do something clever)

alternate spellings
hai - hi
no wai - no way
wat - what, but meaning, more like wat the hell are you talking about

disguised and elongated ways of saying shit
shiza minelli - a combination of shit and liza minelli
shitake mushrooms - a food i don't eat
shitzu - a dog
shikaka - see "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls"

if i think of any more i'll add them to the list. if you remember any, please let me know.


blee said...

this is like the worst entry ever

Denise said...

I LOVE ACRONYMS AND INTERNET LINGO! I also FTW and and n00b a lot in real life. Here are some of my other favorites:

FTMFW - for the motherfucking win
DIAF - die in a fire
lol wut

Denise said...


Will said...

you forgot FNR.
also GME
and GLRE

Doug said...

brian lee, you need to only look at your non-word entries to see worst entries ever

chunlee17 said...

my co-worker's fave:


badbanana said...

ZOMG lmao rofl...ILT! icwudt, btw tibbyta, cwidt? YLT?!

blee said...

i believe 'sbsan' will also be used more often when sc2 comes out

Denise said...

omg shikaka. i haven't heard that in AGES.


Doug said...