Monday, October 19, 2009

the new series

In my days of old when I was a budding xanga user, I delivered justice more frequently to my subscribers. I feel that I have not done the same justice to my current readership, thus making the title of my blog a misnomer.

In an effort to inspire my own creativity, and to start writing more, I will start a series on something that has influenced my life, which is music. I'll probably start by analyzing the effects of certain songs/bands on my life/mood/thoughts and seeing why that was at different junctures of my life. I will also welcome any suggestions to music to broaden my musical knowledge spectrum (is that a term)

If anyone has any other ideas on what they'd like to hear from the mind of the tech, feel free to comment in this space. Oh yeah, I will also try to blog about the acting again, I have yet to do that this year. Hopefully something interesting will happen soon.

Organized chronologically, I will start with the very earliest experiences with music I can remember.

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