Tuesday, November 17, 2009

we return to our regular scheduled programming...

So I suppose I'll write an entry now that might appease the Philadelphia people, to maybe offset the Yankee love that I had expressed in the past couple weeks.

In addition to Michael Jackson and the Beatles, my sister also introduced me to Boys II Men, arguably the most influential male vocal group of our era. In addition to reading, which apparently my sister gave me at the age of 2, she also had some musical influence. It was probably the Cooleyhighharmony CD that made me enjoy singing a lot, although my voice is definitely not R&Bish by any stretch of the imagination. Listening to a bastardization of "In the Still of the Nite" that I recorded in college made me realize that I don't have a voice that really is a lady wooer, lawl.

Anyhow, their first album had numerous hits. However, at the age of 10, I didn't really understand the I'll Make Love to You or It's So Hard to Say Goodbye, or the End of the Road until later in my life. (And I still don't relate to them completely, YLT?) However, a song I could relate to was "Motownphilly". You can listen to the song here:

When I used to listen to this song, two parts would stick out to me. The first part is when Wanya (pronounced like Kan-ye, I believe), sings, "Back in school we used to dream about this everyday, could it really happen, or do dreams just fade away, yeah." I think this particular lyrical idea stuck in my head for the longest time, just wondering what if we COULD pursue our actual dream, and make it a reality? I would describe myself as a cynical idealist, which is why this idea was so potent for me.

The other part was the harmony part where he goes "yo mike, check this out, see if this one moves you." And then they go into the

ba dum dum da da
ba dum dum da da
yadi yadi yadi ya da da da whoa whoa whoa whoa

I guess I just really like a cappella things (I mean I was in a Christian one at my school for a year, so it makes sense I suppose).

Today's perspective on the song:

I love the personality that Boys II Men brings with this song, expressing where they came from and how they got where they were. It's amazing that they got to that level when they were literally around the ages of 18-20, and it makes me feel like I have a lot of catching up to do (just turned 26 last week, fml). I doubt they knew the extent of the impact that they were going to have at that age, that's something I hope to have even a fraction of down the line.

Something I like now about this song is that they do showcase every member of the group in different parts of the song highlighting the different vocal ranges that they have...which is always fun for me when singing because I love imitating various types of things.

The song isn't as powerful to me now as other Boys II Men songs, but this one for sure is probably the one I could listen to repeatedly back when I was younger. I think I will stay with a one song per album quota, unless I feel otherwise compelled.


janet said...

basically, you owe me life.

chunlee17 said...

Boyz II Men....ahhh, the original. everyone after was a poser.

jeehoon cho said...

you know they're coming out with a new album of cover songs.