Saturday, December 5, 2009

new additions

a lot of these are adapted from Tom Wang, a fellow poker pro that i met this year living together in vegas. we basically discovered that we were soulmates and that with our powers combined we pretty much annoy the crap out of anyone within a 50 meter radius.

LIC - like it's cute/cool

me: like how he shoved all in with gak lic

LT - like that, shortened version of YLT, used now as a standard greeting and pretty much after every statement we say

me: lt
tom: lt

CG - cool guy (used sarcastically, in a derogatory manner)

me: hey cg
tom: lt

NS - nice story (i don't really use this one, it's just like a "yeah, right" statement)

me: zomg i'm going to pwn you
tom: ns

sip - meaning lose

tom's friend: can you just sip all your monies at 500/1000 NLHE

gak - also listed in my previous entry as what the gak, gak is a very versatile word that can be used in pretty much any context.

WTG (what the gak) - similar to wtf, but with less anger and more lol as in a piece of gak
gakball - someone who is overly MR and does things that incite a lot of WTGs
gakking around - being silly

other phrases known to be used are gaktastic, gakfest, gakker

jack the ripper - a person who shoves all in with retarded gak. they "rip" their money in the pot, hence they are a ripper.

unbirthing - this came from me and another poker player, kenny. kenny constantly was saying that he was going to make the other players wish they were never born, so i ask him if he's in the process of unbirthing as a greeting.

GOTM (grind on the mind) - another greeting that i use with kenny, it just asks are you playing poker

me: gotm?
kenny: obv

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