Thursday, February 11, 2010

of mice and men

there's been a lot going on lately with school and what not, and i plan to blog on all i've been learning sooner or later but before all that i decided to talk shortly about some justice that was delivered today.

sometimes you categorize things in life. there are your problems, and then there are other people's problems (aka. OPP). sometimes i find myself not really being to empathize with a lot of OPP because i:

a) am an insensitive bastard
b) just don't know how to connect with people who i don't know
c) seem to have a lot of life experience that is second-hand
d) am too self-absorbed in my own problems with because of bullet point a

so when people tell me, "oh i had a mouse in my apartment", i mentally categorized this as an OPP. i mean it didn't happen to me before, so it was kind of a foreign thing. i probably gave a generic, "oh that sucks," but not really knowing how to convey how much i thought it sucked, because my suckiness receptors were not firing and i couldn't give a true genuine "oh that sucks" mmph feeling.

well, no more. a few days ago, after hanging out with a high school friend of mine, we were idly chilling like villains, upon which a black object scurried across the hall. i didn't see it but my friend said, "is that a mouse?"

" way." i replied. this was an OPP, it couldn't really happen to my apartment could it? i figured it was just his imagination.

until we both saw it again. a black streak of lightning zoomed past my bathroom...into my room. wtf. i cautiously looked into my room to see if the mouse was around, but alas, mice don't appear when you want to exterminate them apparently. my sister had the humor to name the mouse, "mickey." when i say humor, i mean retardation.

the mouse brought bad memories of when i was a young boy and we used a trap to catch the mouse, but it was the kind of trap that closed the door on the mouse so you could free it somewhere else. except...instead of freeing it, we didn't realize that the mouse was in the trap for weeks and it rotted inside the actual trap. so it died a more gruesome death. i had the idiotic curiosity to look inside. it was not pretty.

we didn't have any traps, and unlike cockroaches, we couldn't really spray a mouse with pledge to slow it down so we could scoop it up and flush it down the toilet. so we had our handy dandy superintendent put some glue traps in for us, by this company called catchmaster. pretty awesome name for a pest catching product company, imo. we used a trap pictured here under the link called Giant Rat Glueboard. when i saw it, i was skeptical, it just looked like a sheet of paper with some adhesive material on it that you might get from staples or something. but what else could we do but wait?

today, the scout discovered mickey caught in the trap. here's a picture of mickey:

as you can see, mickey foolishly covered himself in the peanut butter scented adhesive stuff. the glue was more potent than i originally thought. after the scout discovered the mouse, there was a bit of communication between the scout and me as to what to do with mickey. this was a good question, what does one do with a mouse once one catches it?

we came to the conclusion that mickey would have to die. there's no real way for us to release it into the wild. so the question was, how would we kill it before disposal? i suppose i'm a cruel person, because my first instinct was to either

a) incinerate it, but we didn't really have a handy incinerating device on us
b) flush it down the toilet, as we did with the cockroach situation
c) throw it out the window, give it one last hurrah before death, on mickey airlines

what we ended up doing is not anything as adventurous as the above, but too gruesome to print for those weak in the stomach. suffice it to say that mickey is no longer of this world. and having mice in my apartment has officially moved out of the OPP category.

that is all.

this post was approved by justice.


janet said...

omg LOL. i'm not retarded -- you clearly secretly liked the name mickey or you wouldn't have used it yourself. that pic is gross! stop being so self absorbed

Caroline said...

ughhhhh the one thing i hope to NEVER find in my place..

Elle Lee said...

that is so sad...he's so little.
I don't like the idea of mice, especially in an apt, but they're so damn cute!

at least put those instant-kill traps in...the glue traps are so tormenting!

mia said...

you should read my blog entry from last year about the mouse i caught at walter's. it's similar to your's, but with a lot more girly drama. haha.

Doug said...

haha i actually did read yours to see what you did to catch it mia

Justin Lee said...

lol... got 'em!