Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my favorite TV show

i've been rewatching season 4 of dexter with my sister, and i was up wondering why i liked this kind of show so much.

dexter is a show about a blood spatter analyst who works in the forensics department of the miami metro police station, in the homicide department. however, dexter's other life involves being a serial killer, one who hunts out and kills other serial killers. dexter doesn't kill out of a need for justice, however, he kills because he has an insatiable desire within him that drives him to. his late father, a respected detective in the department, recognized this desire and trained him to kill in a way to never get caught and only kill those who "deserve" it.

the show is well written, the dialogue is tight, the show is very fast paced and plot driven, and the acting has probably been the best i've seen on TV. although towards the later seasons there are some things the show could probably do without, the show has maintained high qualities from season to season. i also love the music and the way the culture of miami is intertwined with the storyline. you definitely get a sense of being removed from your own world into the world of dexter when you watch the show.

i think that my love for this show stems from the fact that i do have an obsession about understanding the cause of our neurosis. dexter's psychology is a complex story that i won't spoil here, but i will say that one will definitely empathize with his character by the first seasons' close. you might even say that he was a victim of circumstances, that he was almost forced into position he was in, that he is a character of tragedy rather of villainy.

however, the fact that i can relate to the evil that he performs and how he justifies it to himself makes me wonder about the own evil that i possess. dexter's struggle is a constant one of how he can live a normal life and continually satisfy his inner demons. while i can never imagine myself killing someone, i examine the motivations he has behind his killings, the humanity he possesses and think that it is totally within anyone's capabilities to fall into the same kind of justifications and compromises he makes. i'd like to think of myself as morally sound, but under all possible permutations of paths, given the circumstances that it is possible for anyone, even me, to commit unthinkable acts of evil.

of course, i always consider every action that we do to be selfishly generated and constantly think about the motivations of all our actions, and technically, everything we do is then going to probably be tainted by some sort of evil. but a show like dexter shows you how the lines to what is normal can transition into what is most illustratively evil, and makes you think more about why you do the things you do.

anyhow, i'm getting quite philosophical...and my brain hurts. and i'm tired. what i'm trying to say is, the show is awesome. watch it.

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