Saturday, November 27, 2010


i have a lot to be thankful for, it seems.  on an absolute scale in comparison to most people on this planet, i'd be an ingrate.  here's a good article on the feeling of being ungrateful:

it's kind of like when you're in a poker tournament and you bust out in the money, and people who don't play ask you like, "why are you upset, you just won x dollars."  but in reality, you've already experienced that elation of winning x dollars at that point of the tournament, the mindset is "i've got x dollars locked up, now let's see if i can get some more gold"  you become disappointed because you didn't win x + y dollars when you bust at that point.

so yes, compared to the whole human race, i do have a lot to be thankful for.  the superficial things would definitely put me in the top 99.9% probably (estimated 7,000,000 ppl in that category):

1) it's nice having a large cache of cash (ucwidt)
2) it's good being tall (being a short guy would probably suck)
3) having leverage from my background that would lead to a lot of opportunity and what not (education, connections, etc.)

and more srs stuff like:

1) generally been pretty healthy given how poorly i treat my body
2) having the freedom to pursue what i want because of my financial cushion
3) having a sister that loves me even though i'm annoying
4) having a mother that loves me even though i don't answer her calls all the time
5) having a father that loves me even though i don't listen to what he wants me to do with my life
6) having friends that actually listen to me and don't unfriend me when i go turn into emo tech
7) having a mind that is able to really absorb and understand and learn from the experiences that i have, and being able to slowly piece together the meaning of it all.
8) having the feeling of purpose in life (however faint of an inkling it might be at the moment, it does exist)

so, yeah.  thanks.  people.  God.  wat.

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