Thursday, December 2, 2010

the beauty is in what isn't said.

like so many jimmy eat world songs, i feel like the best ones ("for me this is heaven", "sweetness", "praise chorus" ,"23") aren't as given as much attention as their more popular songs.  which is just fine for me, it kind of adds to the possessiveness you have when you have music that you enjoy that others don't really get in the mainstream too often.

while JEW has become mainstream-y, i feel like they still do try to experiment and innovate when it comes to producing emotive music.  i say emotive, instead of "emo" because i feel like they carry the emotion without being "emo".  in my opinion, bands like Taking Back SundayYellowcardGood Charlotte, Simple PlanThe Starting Line and to some extent All American Rejects (though i love listening to some of their songs as a guilty pleasure), have saturated the market with overly bitter and whiny content.

the song i cover by JEW is "chase this light", something that i've listened to a lot a few years ago.  here are the lyrics:

I'm a suspect, I'm a traitor
I'm only here in body, visiting
Yellow faces and the distant screams
The beauty is in what isn't said
I'm rising to my feet

Because tonight, the world turned in me
Because right now, I don't dare to breathe

Oh, babe, I know
It's alive
And somewhere for us to find tonight
Chase this light with me

My just so
My last call
My life is yours, in your gifted hands
Confetti rain fall on the quiet street
These things I found are special now
The knot is in my reach

A movie still-photograph
Through our martyrs eyes I can see
I've seen the best of love
The best of hate
The best reward is earned
And I've paid for every single word
I've ever said

Confetti rain falls on the quiet street
The beauty is in what you make it
So get up on your feet

what i like about this song is how much meaning is packed into such a short song.  the movement of the music and the vocals also give it a sense of urgency, while the lyrics and melody serve to couple that with a sense of reassurance.  it also has a kicking bridge, which i always love.

i always wanted to play this with a band.  and now that i think i'm going to try to maybe form something of a band or do some stuff musically, i decided to finally finish this sucker off, because i've meant to cover this song for a while.  the song was a bit difficult technically for me, but i think i made something halfway decent:



janet said...

you're so emo

Eunice said...

took the words right out of my mouth...