Saturday, December 25, 2010

a little something for the holidays

the holiday season always gets one in a pensive mood, for a lot of reasons:

a)  it's the time when you go back home and stay with the family, usually with long periods of time with nothing to do but think in one's room
b)  it's the end of the year so it's a time of evaluation, etc.
c)  the holidays become more and more a time of nostalgia instead of a time of wonderment (at least for me)

i just dug up something i wrote almost 7 years ago, whilst in college, about love.

what is love?

as mentioned in the post, i agree with ben folds, that it's stupid to try to do a love song because there's only so much you can do that hasn't been done before.  well, i guess you can say that about anything in the media about a love story, but a song allows for smaller amounts of variation as an art form than say, a book or a movie.  a song almost requires a deep part of oneself now to be original, some sort of personal touch to it that's really hard to fabricate. 

i won't get into the way love is overromanticized and idealized and what not in today's society, because that's a whole other gak post.  however, i got a request recently from a friend to do a cover of a song she liked, and being the holidays which is supposed to be cheery or something, i decided to just run with it and have fun.  the song is called, "1, 2, 3, 4" by the plain white t's.

the song is a very simple love song with very simple lyrics.  in fact, it's not a very unique concept, it's lyrics are similar to the song "back at one" by brian mcknight, or my favorite female punk rock song three small words by josie and the pussycats (ok, maybe i just love rachael).  it reminded me of the common early 60's beatles songs, just very simple lyrics and chord structure, but catchy.  (now, don't get a heart attack, i'm not comparing them to the beatles).  it's overall kind of gute.

so i decided to team up with sam chu and his handy dandy camera, to make a nice looking vid for xmas.  fiddling around with fcp is a bit fun, it was actually enjoyable to edit, but a huge pain to wait for everything to render...i need a faster compy.  i think a lot of my editing got lost in the rendering and what not...but i  hope you guys enjoy the video for the holidays.

side note: for me, it's actually never as easy as "1, 2, 3, 4".  in fact, i probably only said that particular phrase in the low teens for the past decade, a few each per family member.

extra bonus:  awesome relient k xmas song that someone showed me:

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mia said...

aww, this was really cute! i also like the sam chu cameo. haha! really enjoyed! =)

dang, this was some good quality recording.