Monday, December 13, 2010

yay for janet again! (part deux)

it's my sister's birthday, so in addition to a shopping spree thing for her birthday, i decided to write an updated post on her.

so it's been 6 years since my last post on my sister on her birthday.  she was only turning 23 then which seems so young and gak like.  6 years later, a year before the dreaded 30, my sister is still alive (amazingly, the universe has allowed her continued existence to remain intact), taking names and kicking ass.  sort of.

since the last post, my sister has studied in paris, almost worked for a high end fashion company in france (before they were closed by proctor and gamble), started her own line which has had its shares of unfortunate near successes that have been thwarted by the economy (apparently people are less willing to buy high end fashion clothing in tough economic times, go figure).  

my sister has been continually pressing after her dreams, but the difficulty to succeed, especially in this environment, is high (without prior connections and/or lots of moneys) and she sometimes is discouraged.  for some reason, since i finance some of her operations and am in a bit more of a financial secure position than her, she has started to rely on me for support instead of vice versa.  since i am undeniably immature, and thus unable to give her the emotional support that's probably more characteristic of an older brother, she yells at me for being inept.  money does not equal maturity, folks.  mo money just means mo problems.  but that's for another post.

but one thing i do admire about my sister throughout all this is that she has been able to keep knocking on doors amidst the rejection she faces.  she always is willing to try something new, network, and be on the hustle, grinding out every bit of potential in an opportunity.  it'd be a travesty to me if things didn't work out for her because of her effort and talent.  

our relationship has evolved too.  since we now live in the same vicinity, we hang out on a regular basis.  i have introduced her to some of her favorite shows such as dexter and 24, and i used to humor her by watching gak like gossip girl and project runway.  we have been an invaluable source of support for each other in our respective professions (i mean i think you really need a crazy sibling that's doing something out of the ordinary to understand what you're doing when you're asian).  

some have compared our relationship to dexter and deb in the show dexter, where the two have essentially depended on each other, dexter for deb's understanding of human interactions and emotions and deb for dexter's representation of a completely stable force in her life.  plus, another similarity is that deb curses a lot.  and dexter kills people.  uh, i mean...what?  anyhow.

anyhow, this entry is a bit too warm fuzzy, so i'll just end by saying that i will look to my sister and see how she leads the way into the end of the 20's era, and try to emulate the attitude of giving everything my best shot.

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