Thursday, January 27, 2011

it is now

i always come back to the realization of my introversion.  i am probably going to take somewhat of a personal retreat into the recesses of my mind to draw out what's truly within.  at least, i'll use this snowstorm as a backdrop for such processes.

you find out people's true character when the chips are down and the luck seems to run out.  people become desperate, clamoring for any opportunity they can, and showing what they are willing to sacrifice and what they are not.  what is truly dear to their hearts becomes known by what they decide to throw away in return for what they decide to keep.

four years ago, during a talk, someone's words permanently etched themselves into my brain.  i was asked, "what is your biggest fear?"

i thought for a while and said, "it's to look back at my life at age 40, and regret what i had done with my youth."

that person made me promise that i wouldn't do that.

13 years left to do something.  i always keep my promises.

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