Monday, January 31, 2011


quotes of teaching to me that i want to remember from the past week (and before):

"the sins that you are aware of probably only scratch the surface of the depth of your depravity.  your legalism probably blinds you from some of it, as much as you think you're thorough."

"it took God to actually physically remove me from this country to understand that i wasn't desiring him and was replacing him with things of this world."

"God's been guiding man since the beginning of time, so he's pro, and that will never change."

"whom God will use deeply, He will hurt deeply."

"no experience is the same, and different things can be learned from each one."

"i know you're an all or nothing kind of guy, but you can't go from 0 to 100 in a day, as much as you want to.  growth is slow."

"thinking outside of yourself in pain and suffering is one of the hardest thing to do."

"your one biggest desire?  to let everyone know you're the coolest motherfucker there is.  and you have to change that."

"in our lives, we fall into depression.  and we fall deeper into despair because we believe that we need to find our own way out.  we tend to believe that we need to walk alone.  Jesus in all his trials, suffering, and hardships took his walk and was fine, because he knew he was never alone."

"He's what i've been searching for in this world for a while, but it just took me 7 years to find.  it's all in the timing and the where you are."

"i'm gonna pray for the holy spirit to slap you in the face.  get ready, the slap is coming."


chunlee17 said...

I like the very last one. I've uttered that prayer many a time.

mia said...

these quotes have "lisa" written all over them. haha!

Doug said...

hahaha none of them were from her, it's been a while since she's yelled at me.