Saturday, January 29, 2011


i had the fortune of meeting jason min of miss vintage fame a couple years ago.  he recently came out with a song that made my heart stop a beat.  the song is in the perspective of a wife viewing her husband after she has alzheimer's.  this was just so moving to me, and i've been listening to it for a bit.  it's songs like these that help keep things in an eternal perspective.

hope you guys enjoy.


How do you put on my coat every morning
When I don’t know your name
You rake the leaves while I am sleeping
When I don’t know your name

I don’t know who you are but

Please don’t leave me alone here
‘Cause I’m coming undone
Oh, tell me you’ll stay
When I don’t even know your name

I know you try to be quiet
But I heard you weeping for me
You wear a smile, act like it’s nothing
But I know there’s more

You, I don’t know who you are but

There’s a picture
In the middle of the living room table in black and white
The scene looks familiar
but I just don’t remember this man and his wife

So will you play your guitar
And sing me a love song
When I don’t know your name
When I don’t know your name


chunlee17 said...

I loooooove miss vintage. bet you didn't know i could be emo too.

Doug said...

haha. that's surprising.