Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i don't have time.

i know i know, another priscilla entry and nary a month passed by, but who knew she was going to give a clandestine performance in new york for me to quickly ninja?

went to rockwood music hall today after seeing priscilla ahn tweet that she was going to be playing there for free, and got the opportunity to hear a set of songs from her upcoming album "when you grow up"

some titles are based on my best guess, may not be the actual ones:

Lost Cause, sorry about the early camera work.
Elf , be sure to check out 1:47
I Want You Right Now, some gute electronica action
You Were the One, piercing and emo, but with a lol moment at 0:34.  my second fave.
Ooh La La, cute song about happenstances

and of course:
Dream, gets me everytime.

her newest set had a lot of love themed songs (which was surprising since her first album was more about identity seeking, but i guess maybe her marriage had something to do with her direction).  here was my favorite song from the set, called "I Don't Have Time to Be in Love".

as i've said probably countless times before, i don't really like love songs in the sense that they're so easy to really just mess up by being overly cheesy or cliche.  i won't say that i won't like songs to just listen to for fun like "baby" by justin bieber, but when i think about them conceptually, i don't get really that much enjoyment out of them.

however what makes a love song work is the intimate and personal nature of it, which you can see coming from the lyrics, although they may not be totally original illustrations, they work because they sound genuinely anecdotal.  the cheap keyboard instrumental actually gives it a cute little quirky twist that adds to the personal element, imo.  it defintely just feels, real.  something that's uncommon nowadays.

i don't have time to be in love
kissing you on the cheek
two hundred times a week

i don't have time to be in love
way too much candlelight
keeping me warm at night

but that's not true
when i'm with you

i don't have time to be in love
watching a foreign film
feet on the windowsill

i don't have time to be in love
cooking a meal for two
climbing all over you

but that's not true
when i'm with you

cause i used to
be there for you when you were so blue
i'd walk with you in the rain
nothing was better when we did it together
but i don't have time for love

i don't have time to be in love
holding to you to my chest
feeling your every breath

i don't have time to be in love
laughing so hard we cried
sometimes i don't know why

i don't have time to be in love
maybe this reverie
just wasn't meant for me

but that's not true
when i'm with you

when i'm with you

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Denise said...

I was thinking, omg, who doesn't like love songs??? till I really thought about it, and realized that all my favorite straight-up love songs (as in, not breakup songs) are from 40+ years ago....maybe a good love song needs to be couched in nostalgia to not be cheesy