Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love is in the air

last year, i wrote about my on and off relationship.  you can find out about it here:


little did i know what was in store.  she finally came around.  our one year anniversary is going to be in a couple months, on april 5th.  this was the day i had been waiting for my entire life.  we tied the knot.  we had our honeymoon.  streaming confetti, fireworks, parades, celebrations, songs, speeches, all were given in much fanfare to celebrate the occasion.  although i heard of this kind of love happening in the past to others, in 1991, 1992, and 2001, i didn't know if it'd happen again in my lifetime, much less to me.

the past year has been remarkable, full of happiness and promise.  we were unashamedly, unabashedly in love.  even my fashion took a trend towards demarcating the occasion, as many a paraphernalia was purchased in happiness.  sure, my affections were found nauseating by others, even more so than in previous years, but hey, what good is a good event if you can't gloat to the haters who wished unhappiness upon us?

i mean i know there are supposed to be good times and bad times with any relationship, but so far, it has been smooth sailing.  well, i guess there was last week on wednesday, when we got in a huge fight about her idiot sister caroline, but within 20 minutes or so, we resolved it.  and more than made up, if you know what i mean.

so...there's been a bump here and there, with the occasional toe problem, but surely that will all be resolved in a month or so.  or so i hope.  it's alright though, i'll love her no matter what happens.  for better or worse, or so they say, right?

this coming month, our one year anniversary is coming up.  the view from up top is looking excellent so far.  here's to a continued blessed relationship, and eternal passion, no matter what the circumstance.

well, i guess i don't want to have another 9 year stretch like last time though...